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It’s stronger than the original TX-NR1007, in that it handles 140W per channel.

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Powerful clear and clean sounding amp

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Automatic update of firmware via Internet

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Can really customize the sound

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FULL 2 year parts & labor warranty

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Easy to use lit up remote (set-up is not a problem)

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It won't turn on other equipment with it (when you turn it on)

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Much larger than the average receiver

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The Onkyo TX-NR3007 is the second of three network- and internet-radio-ready, 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus certified A/V receivers released in September 2009. It’s stronger than the original TX-NR1007, in that it handles 140W per channel; but it only includes 7 HDMI 1.3a inputs. Like its peer, the Onkyo TX-NR3007 is ready with an advanced HQV Reon-VX chipset to upconvert all video input — including component — to 1080p/24. Included also are a plethora of heavy-duty audio technology, including Audysey DSX and Dolby ProLogic Iiz for establishing a 9-channel soundstage; TI Aureus DSP Chips, Burr Brown’s 32-bit DAC, and Onkyo’s VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) for optimal performance and super-quality audio; and a multitude of versatile configuration options.

Additional Information

All three models offer advanced networking capabilities, including PC streaming for Pandora, Rhapsody, vTuner, and Sirus Internet Radio services. Each is also Windows 7 compatible and hosts a DLNA 1.5 certification, allowing compatibility with other network-enabled equipment.

  • 9-Channel A/V Receiver
  • HDMI 1.3a + 1080p Upscaling
  • Audysey DSX
  • Dolby ProLogic Iiz
  • TI Aureaus DSP Chips
  • Burr Brown 32-bit DAC
  • VLSC
  • Versatile Configuration
  •  THX Ultra2 Plus certified
  • Power: 140W x 9
  • Frequency: 5Hz-100kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110dB
  • HDMI Version: V1.3a Repeater
  • Component Video Upconversion: 1080p
  • Analog to HDMI Upconversion: 1080p
  • Audio I/O: 8/2
  • Phono Input: 1
  • Digital Audio In (OPT/COAX): 3/3
  • Composite I/O: 5/1
  • S-Video I/O: 5/1
  • Component Video I/O: 3/1
  • Front-Panel Optical: 1
  • HDMI I/O: 7/2
  • Multi-Channel Input: 1
  • Analog Pre-Out: 9.2
  • IPod Ready (DS-A3 Required)
  • HD Radio Ready (UP-HT1 Required)
  • SIRIUS Radio Ready
  • Internet Radio Capable
  • PC Audio Streaming
  • USB Audio Streaming
  • RS-232
  • IR Input
  • Ethernet
  • ONKYO-RI System
  • 12V Trigger
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