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The Onkyo TX-NR1008 is a high-end A/V receiver with 9.2 channel speaker support.

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wide array of input types for audio

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high number of HDMI inputs, enough for almost anyone's needs

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setup is very simple and quick

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selectable upcoding allows support for older displays

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on-screen menus and instructions for ease of use

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remote control works with almost everything on the market

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wired internet only, no Wi-Fi

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second zone has limited output options

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The Onkyo TX-NR1008 is a high-end A/V receiver with 9.2 channel speaker support. This 3D capable device can handle nearly any media device thrown at it with: 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs (V1.4a repeater), THX Select2 Plus Certification, USB inputs, iPod/iPhone compatibility, TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding and a PC input. The TX-NR1008 also supports HD, XM, SIRIUS and Internet radio and DLNA streaming as well as WiFi/Ethernet connectivity.

Its massive quantity of supported audio channels put the TX-NR1008 on the cutting-edge of surround sound audio setups; with good quality speakers and proper placement, the TX-NR1008 is capable of providing some of the best home audio available in multiple rooms of your home simulataneously. That said, the TX-NR1008's multiple audio connectivity options (CD, iPod/iPhone, DLNA streaming, satellite radio) ensure that its top-of-the-line quality will be well-utilized. Additionally, its variety of video inputs as well as its HDMI 1.4 compatibility (supporting 3D video playback and Audio Return Channel) ensure that the TX-NR1008's video compatibility is as all-encompassing as its audio compatibility.

  • 9.2 channel compatibility, allowing for multi-room setups
  • 7 HDMI inputs, 2 outputs (V1.4a repeater) - supports 3D video playback and Audio Return Channel
  • THX Select2 Plus Certification
  • USB inputs for media storage devices as well as iPod/iPhone
  • TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding
  • HDMI 1080p video upconversion by Faroudja DCDi cinema
  • PC input
  • HD, XM, SIRIUS and Internet radio ready
  • WiFi/Ethernet connectivity - DLNA streaming
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