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The Onkyo TX-NR1000 offers a remarkable level of compatibility and connectivity with more audio/video and audio-only inputs.

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Can be upgraded with software updates

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THX Ultra 2 certified

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Has replaceable modules to ensure future compatibility

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Doesn't yet support latest HDMI 1.3a standard

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No video transcoding or upconversion.

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No compatibility w/ more recent surround formats

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No plans to upgrade HDMI to the 1.3 spec.

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The Onkyo TX-NR1000 offers a remarkable level of compatibility and connectivity with more audio/video and audio-only inputs and outputs than almost any home system could ever need. In addition to the iLink(TM) and HDMI connections, there are optical and coaxial digital audio inputs and outputs, RCA stereo inputs and outputs, a phono input, and component, S-video, and composite video connections. The TX-NR1000 also has composite and S-Video upsampling to component video, which greatly simplifies switching and connections when mixing video source components from different generations.

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07/27/2008 02:43


Onkyo is releasing a NEW Flagship NR-Series Receiver very soon. They didn't upgrade the cards or the software because this receiver IS 4 years old now and they are putting their resources towards the new model instead of this one.

Having said that, Integra discontinued the 10.5 line (which was essentially the same unit, but unlike the onkyo, was fully configurable and started at around $3800 with the basics) and they also had a PreAmp version of it as well.

Denon, Marantz and Onkyo have yet to come out with a NEW flagship reciever. The Denon 5308 is NOT it! They have the AVP and POA Pre/Pro and Amp and they sound AMAZING, but they NEED a 5805 Replacement with the updated surround formats, Silicon Video Processor, etc in ONE unit. Marantz had the SR9600 a year ago and they need to replace that as well. They are taking a LONG time to get these released (I KNOW they are on the way), but I think the wait will be worth it.

05/21/2008 12:58

I contacted Onkyo a while back and learned that there are not now and likely never will be any plans to upgrade to HDMI 1.3. or offer upconversion or transcoding as with the more recent offerings from the brand. So much for being the last receiver you'd ever need to buy.

08/18/2007 01:04

Although it was designed to offer upgrades, Onkyo has not yet announced whether or not they will be offering ugrades to accomodate HDMI 1.3a or processing for any HD surround audio formats.

08/17/2007 03:47

I love the fact that this has both software and hardware upgrades. With all the new audio and video standards that pop up over time, it makes sense that these $4000+ receivers are upgradeable. Taking a page out of the computer notebook.

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