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The Onkyo HT-RC260 is a mid-range A/V receiver with support for 7.2 channels of amplification.

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good input options - 6 x HDMI, 2 x component, 4 x composite, optical and coaxial connections for digital audio

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capable of upscaling standard definition video to 1080p (Faroudja DCDi)

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Burr-Brown DA converters

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good build quality

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second zone outputs with separate source functionality

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the latest HDMI 1.4a standard (3D passthrough, audio return channel)

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7.2 channels at 100W / channel

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affordable price point

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no THX certification or PC input as found on the slightly more expensive Onkyo HT-RC260

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not Sirius ready

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The Onkyo HT-RC260 is a mid-range A/V receiver with support for 7.2 channels of amplification. Its 6 HDMI 1.4a inputs provide the HT-RC260 with 3D video support as well as support for Audio Return Channel technology while its Zone 2 line-outs and speaker outputs allow for audio playback in a secondary room. Additionally, the HT-RC260 provides 1080p upconversion for any compatible standard definition source.

The HT-RC260's HDMI 1.4a compatibility allows for transmission of 3D video signals between any two 3D HD devices while also providing Audio Return Channel capability which allows for two-way audio transmission through HDMI on top of its one-way video transmission, eliminating the need for a S/PDIF cable for your television. Its Zone 2 line-outs and speaker outputs provide the HT-RC260 with the ability to broadcast audio in a second room while still providing 5.1 channel surround sound in the main room. Meanwhile, the HT-RC260's 1080p upscaling by way of Faroudja DCDi cinema ensures that all sources look as clean and crisp as possible.


  • 7.2 channel audio w/ Zone 2 line-outs and speaker outputs
  • 6 HDMI 1.4 inputs
  • 3D video support
  • Audio Return Channel for two-way audio transmission over HDMI
  • Optional iPod Dock / HDradio module via Universal Port
  • HDMI 1080p video upconversion by Faroudja DCDi cinema
  • WRAT technology and discrete amp construction for cleaner sound
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