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Designed to take on the go for continuous blood pressure monitoring. It gives readings when the user brings his wrist to heart.

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Walmart Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor $59.12

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Two people can use this monitor, which is not possible with the 3 Series

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It has heart guide technology that the 3 Series does not have, so it tracks your blood pressure when you bring your wrist to your heart level

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It gives accurate readings

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It’s easy to use

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The display does not include backlighting, which would help you see the reading better

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The Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to take on the go for continuous blood pressure monitoring. It gives readings when the user brings his wrist to heart level. Additional features include detecting an irregular heartbeat and tracking of blood pressure for eight weeks. It includes a wrist cuff for wrist sizes 5.25 to 8.5. Requires two AAA batteries, included. 

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  • The Heart Guide takes a reading automatically when the wrist is put at heart level; it uses lights to help you find the right position 
  • Stores eight weeks of readings and gives averages 
  • Two people can use the monitor and it will store the data separately
  • Blood pressure level indicator feature compares your reading to health guidelines 
  • The irregular heartbeat detector discovers irregular heartbeats and gives an alert 
  • Stores 100 readings for each person, for 200 total 
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What's in the Box

  • One Omron BP-652 7 SERIES wrist blood pressure monitor
  • Storage case
  • Two AAA batteries
  • English/Spanish instruction manual
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Blood Pressure Information

High blood pressure can cause numerous health problems like strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. This monitor allows you to track your blood pressure to help prevent other health conditions from developing. 

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Blood Pressure Display

The reading shows the systolic pressure on top and the diastolic pressure on the bottom. It is displayed in large numbers. 


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Continuous Monitoring

This portable blood pressure monitor allows you to continuously monitor your blood pressure. This is helpful since blood pressure can change throughout the day and in different situations. 

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To achieve the most accurate reading, avoid checking your blood pressure within 30 minutes of eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising and bathing. To take your blood pressure, put the cuff on your left arm. Calmly sit in a chair with both feet on the floor for about five minutes. Push the button and you'll get a reading. 

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Compare Chart

Pressure Monitors
Convenient and Portable
Memory Storage 60 200
Simple and Portable Design Yes Yes
Advanced Averaging Yes Yes
BP Level Indicator Yes Yes
Irregular Heartbeat Detector Yes Yes
Two User Mode   Yes
Heart Guide Technology   Yes
Similar to Omron® BPM HEM-629 HEM-650
UPC 0 73796 26629 5 0 73796 26652 3
Cuff Size Wrist 5.25"-8.5" Wrist 5.25"-8.5"
Power Options 2 "AAA" Included 2 "AAA" Included
Carrying/Storage Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Year 5 Year
IntelliSense® Yes Yes
Clinically Proven Accurate Yes Yes
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