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The battery life is rated at 21 hours and is not rechargeable however only one AAA is needed to power it.

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Records high quality 44.1kHz Stereo XQ and other formats with stereo microphone

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Low pass filter, Voice filter

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USB 2.0 connector built in, no cables needed . Can be used as a USB storage device

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Hands-free voice activated record mode

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Upload and playback 250 MP3 songs from a computer

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2GB internal memory. Can record over 555 hours at lowest setting

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5 folders holding up to 200 files in each

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Only records WMA format

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Not rechargeable

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The Olympus WS-331M is a pocket-sized digital voice recorder/music player with high speed USB 2.0 connection built in and 2GB of internal flash memory. Audio is recorded in stereo WMA(Windows Media Audio) format through the stereo microphone and can be played back through the speaker or stereo headphone jack. All of the same features of the cheaper 1GB WS-321M can be found here including the ability to upload and play 250 MP3 files from a computer, high quality recording rates and a large easily readable white backlit LCD screen. There is also a voice recognizing record mode which will automatically record when sound is detected and stop when there is no sound, prolonging battery life and increasing available record time. The ability to pop off the side panel and stick it directly into a computer makes it also usable as a USB storage device since any type of file may be stored on it. The battery life is rated at 21 hours and is not rechargeable however only one AAA is needed to power it. Internally the WS-331M has many features including a low pass filter, voice filter, write protection of files, ability to place 16 index points along an audio file for quick reference and the usual MP3 player type functions like rewind and repeat. 

  • 2GB internal flash memory
  • Recording format: WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • Recording rates: 8 - 44.1kHz (18 - 555 hours recording time)
  • Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) records only when sound is sensed
  • USB 2.0 'Memory Stick' design with extension cable included
  • Import and play 250 MP3 songs
  • 5 folders with up to 200 files in each
  • Write protect and place up to 16 index points in a file
  • Stereo microphone
  • External microphone jack
  • Stereo earphones included
  • 1 AAA Alkaline battery included
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Mac and PC compatible
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