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Olympus VN-8100PC is an upgraded version of the VN-8000PC model and is a mid-range digital voice recorder.

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Recording filter eliminates most background noise/hissing.

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Competitively priced compared to similar, higher-end models.

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Transferring files is as easy as using a standard USB flash drive.

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Intuitive button layout/interface.

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Protective case included.

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Outstanding battery life--3+ weeks on 2 AAA batteries.

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No way to continue recording a file once stopped.

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 Olympus VN-8100PC is an upgraded version of the VN-8000PC model and is a mid-range digital voice recorder. It has 2GB of internal memory, and a main feature is that it has a USB connection for easy transfer to a computer. It records in both MP3 and WMA formats, for greater compatibility with PC and Mac setups, and a "scene select" function that alters microphone settings based on the surroundings. Its automatic voice actuator records only when people are speaking, conserving space and battery life. Other features include long battery life, multiple languages, index markings and variable quality settings.


  • 2GB internal memory
  • WMA and MP3 recording
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Voice activation conserves time and battery
  • Index marking
  • LCD display
  • Automatic scene selection
  • Uses 2x AAA battery
  • Multiple quality modes
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12/26/2010 08:22

I would have liked to have a backlit display so I could view it in low light or darkness. Maybe a port for an SD memory chip and a longer usb cord for connection to a pc. But for the price its GREAT. easy and good sound quality when recording and playing.
When files are looked at on the pc it has a FOLDER_A B, C, D, E and an EFbut only the ABCD and E can be viewed from the display. To view the F folder, one has to connect to a pc.
For a major improvement, Id go with the Backlit Display if I had to choose.

12/18/2010 07:51

I need a voice recorder to enable me to record the story of my life

Which recorder do you recommend ? I own a PC and am looking for an uncomplicated machine.
I am 90 years old .

Thank you

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