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It has 2GB of internal memory, which translates to about 222 hours of recorded sound.

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LCD display is clear and provides detailed information

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Index marking saves lots of time by being able to just skip to the important parts

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sound quality is perfect for voice recordings, everything plays back very clear

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recording sensitivity adjustment accounts for how far away from the source you are

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wide variety of volume options for playback

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battery life lasts a very long time between charges

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once files are locked, they are difficult to unlock and sometimes can't ever be unlocked

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 Olympus VN-7600PC is a mid-range digital voice recorder whose main feature is the capacity to record in MP3 and WMA modes for greater compatibility with PC and Mac systems, and the sound is in stereo format - more basic models tend to use mono. It has 2GB of internal memory, which translates to about 222 hours of recorded sound. The interface contains five separate folders to organize files, and there is an index-marking feature to specify and recall certain points in the recording. A voice activation feature means that the device records only when there is actual sound to be recorded, eliminating unnecessary pauses and conserving time and battery space. Other features include slow- and fast-playback, variable recording quality, and a large LCD screen.

  • 2GB internal memory
  • Records in stereo MP3 and WMA modes
  • Voice activation conserves time and battery
  • Index marking
  • LCD display
  • Slow- and fast-playback
  • Multiple quality modes
  • Built-in folders for file management
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