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It is especially built for professionals trying to record interviews or lectures.

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Battery life is good for what you get.

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Recording at High or Medium quality is very easy to understand.

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Able to do voice activation.

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Mic sensitivity is adjustable.

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No easy way to connect to a computer and not have sound loss.

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The Olympus VN-5000 is a sleek, pocket-sized voice recorder that offers up to 300 hours of continuous recording on its 512MB of integrated memory. It is especially built for professionals trying to record interviews or lectures, as it features a plethora of advanced functionalities built specifically for convenience. For instance, users can electronically index mark the beginning of a new file, slow-down or speed-up playback by 25-50%, and quickly view file locations, recording status, and battery life information on an included LCD screen. Included also is a variable control voice actuator, which extends recording time by only recording when the microphone senses actual sound—moments of silence are therefore not recorded. Additional features include four folders (100 files per), a time recording option (schedule start/end time), and alarm playback.

  • Pocket-Sized Voice Recorder
  • Electronic Index Marking
  • Speed/Slow by 25-50%
  • Digital LCD Screen
  • Variable Control Actuator
  • Microphone Sensor
  • Four Folders
  • Time Recording
  • Alarm Playback
  • Recording Format: Multi-codec: HQ/SP - Subband, LP - CELP
  • Recording Media: Built-in 512MB Flash Memory
  • Recording Time: 20hrs(HQ); 53hrs(SP); 300hrs (LP)
  • LP Mode: Yes
  • Voice Activation: Yes
  • Speaker: 28mm
  • Microphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Earphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Power: Two AAA Alkaline or NiMH
  • Battery Life: 29hrs(Alk); 22hrs(Ni)
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Dan (Shrek)
11/01/2009 08:00

I bought this for when I have been dispatched for the taxi company I work for. Great device makes it easier to do my job!

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