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The new flagship Micro Four Thirds camera system in the OM line that’s as adventurous, imaginative, creative, fast as you are

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The compatible lenses are phase-detection-optimized like many DSLR camera lenses

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There are a wide variety of Four Thirds lenses to choose from

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It can handle cold weather to 14 degrees Fahrenheit

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You have to buy an expensive adapter separately to use Four Thirds lenses with this camera

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It has a single card slot, which is not beneficial for outdoor use, and which you wouldn’t expect for this price

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This Olympus OM-D E-M1 Compact System Camera comes with the body only, with lenses sold separately. It’s designed for serious amateurs and photography professionals. This camera includes many features like a 16-megapixel MOS sensor, 5-axis image stabilization, autofocus and a display screen. It has a full magnesium alloy body and a 1.48X viewfinder. 

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Image Sensor

This camera has a 16-megapixel Live MOS image sensor. It includes a dual fast phase and contrast AF sensor that goes between contrast detection autofocus, with 81 focus areas, and phase detection autofocus, with 37 focus areas. The autofocus system works fast.

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High-Definition EVF

The electronic viewfinder, or EVF, provides a high-definition display with a resolution of 2.36 million dots. It has a 1.48x magnification and a 29ms image display time lag. 

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This camera works with a large variety of lenses, with more than 57 options that are compatible.  

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Image Stabilization

It has a 5-Axis image stabilization system that compensates for camera shake that 2-axis systems can not handle. 

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Built-in Wireless

Built-in wireless allows you to share images and add geotags. 

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Color Creator

The Color Creator feature gives the ability to change the hue and chroma in the EVF. There are twelve in-camera filters with new filter variations, art effects and bracketing that can be used with still images or video. 

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