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Olympus' PEN E-P1 is a unique camera that falls in its own category.

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has an old retro look that experienced photographers will enjoy

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easy enough to use, very similar to a typical point-and-shoot interface

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offers a great range of scene type options for some artistic expression

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solid build, no flex or creak in the body

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takes great non-flash photos in low-light conditions

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records video in full 720p with stereo audio, ends up with great video recordings

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auto-focus is slow, not good for moving subjects

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menus aren't very intuitive, takes some getting used to

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 Olympus' PEN E-P1 is a unique camera that falls in its own category. It is not a Digital-SLR camera, but allows for interchangeable lenses and has more advanced features and technology (for example, Olympus' TruPic V image processor) than Olympus' point-and-shoot models. The E-P1 is more compact than a DSLR and the lens mounts are smaller as well. There are multiple image stabilization features (in-camera, optical and digital), an on-board dust reduction system, and 19 automatic shooting modes, as well as much leeway for manual customization. The overall resolution is 12.3 megapixels, and the rear features a 3"-diagonal LCD screen. This camera is also capable of HD video recording as well as audio recording, has several built-in art filter options. Other features include shadow enhancing, face detection, and a digital leveler. See the manufacturer page for a full description of the PEN E-P1's features.

  • 12.3 megapixel resolution
  • Compact
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Micro Four Thirds mount system
  • 3"-diagonal LCD screen
  • 19 preset shooting modes
  • Full manual control (aperture/shutter priority)
  • On-board dust reduction
  • In-camera image stabilization
  • Optical and digital image stabilization
  • HD video recording
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