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The OGIO Grom is a golf stand bag featuring an 8-pocket design for storing and organizing equipment and valuables.

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light when it was first introduced

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comfortable to carry

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zipperless ball pocket

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Woode System helps keep clubs organized

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available in a variety of colours

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conveniently placed, intelligently designed pockets - a place for everything, from cell phone to scorecard to water bottle

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now considered heavy compared to newer bags

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legs clank loudly as you walk with it - annoying when with others

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legs can get in the way

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does not balance well when full

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The OGIO Grom is a golf stand bag featuring an 8-pocket design for storing and organizing equipment and valuables. Four of the pockets are zippered—ideal for storing essential and non-essentials like wallets, watches, keys, sunscreen, gloves, and backup pencils. As for the non-zippered pockets, there is one built specifically for a mobile phone, one for a pencil & scorecard, one for holding a bottle of water, and a ZBP (Zipperless Ball Pocket) for storing all your golf balls. The most notable innovation of the Grom is its Woode club management system, which features four slots for woods and three slots for iron. This helps ensure there is no intermixing of non-related golf clubs. Additional features of the OGIO Grom include an EVA-molded hip pad with an airflow system, a TORQ strap, and a triple-triangle shoulder-strap system.

  • Full-length club dividers
  • Walking-accessible water bottle holster
  • 9-in Woode(tm) top version 4.0 with integrated top grab handle
  • ArcLite(tm) stand system
  • Ball silo(tm) (external 3-ball dispenser)
  • Custom Ogio(r) ergonomic 3-point handle
  • EVA-molded hip pad with airflow system
  • Easy-access divot tool and pen sleeve
  • Easy-access scorecard and pencil sleeve pockets
  • Elastic oversized towel loop
  • Elastic umbrella containment system
  • External tee holders
  • Glove/putter cover VELCRO(r) brand closure attachment loop
  • Lift Grip(tm) integrated trunk handle
  • TORQ(tm) strap
  • Triple Triangle shoulder strap system
  • Weatherproof, fleece-lined valuables pocket
  • ZBP(tm) (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
  • Height: 36.5 in
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
Color Options
  • Merlot     
  • Copper/Check      
  • Navy 
  • Black/Petrol 
  • Black/Pin
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