The Danny Kass Signature Series goggles are modeled after the professional skiier they are named for.

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The Oakley Danny Kass Signature Series Crowbar Snow model is a high-end pair of winter goggles designed for use while skiing or snowboarding. The Danny Kass Signature Series goggles are modeled after the professional skiier they are named for; and are ultimately meant to provide a varying selection of polarization and image contrast options.

The DK Crowbar Snow goggles feature a polarized lens with varying tint color options, such as the Grey, Fire Iridium, Dark Grey and High Intensity Yellow Polarized editions; all variations are meant to be used at different times during the day. The DK Signature Series Crowbar Snow goggles feature an increased lens size for a wider range of view which is equipped with "PLUTONITE" material that protects from harmful UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light rays. The Crowbar Snow goggles also feature a triple fleece foam interior that is meant to absorb sweat and bodily fluids to keep the user's face dry.  The Signature Series Crowbar Snow goggles also include additional features such as an anti-fog treated lens surface, "O Matter" lens construction (which Oakley claims is "lightweight and durable"), metal icon accenting, and a unique "plaid" exterior finish.

  • High-end Winter Goggles
    • Snowboarding
    • Skiing
    • Casual Wear
  • Modeled After Professional Olympic Skiier Danny Kass
  • Adorned With Fitting "Punk-Rock" Skull Finish
  • Increased Lens Size, "High-Definition Optics"
    • PLUTONITE Lens Material; Protects From:
      • UVA
      • UVB
      • UVC
      • Blue Light
    • "O Matter" Lens Material
    • Anti-fog Treated Exterior Surface
  • Varying Polarization Options
    • Grey- Harsh Glare
    • Fire Iridium- Normal Wear
    • Dark Grey- Neutral Contrast/ Bright Light
    • High Intensity Yellow- Enhanced Visual Contrast/ Low Light
  • Triple Fleece Foam Interior
    • Absorbs Sweat and Moisture
  • Metal Icon Body Accenting
  • Meant to Fit Medium Sized Faces
SM Signature Series Crowbar Snow Goggle Color Variations
  • Yellow Iridium- Grunge/H.I./ Yellow Tinted Lens
  • Dark Grey Iridium- Grunge/Dark Grey Tinted Lens
  • Fire Iridium- Grunge/Fire Iridium Tinted Lens
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