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It features a durable but lightweight C-5 alloy frame with UNOBTAINIUM stem sleeves that increase grip with perspiration.

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Close-sitting ergonomic design offers true peripheral vision support - polarized coating protects eyes from all angles

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Scratch-proofing technology is highly resilient - requires considerable impact to show noticeable damage

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Very comfortable - thin, lightweight construction style is conducive to all-day usage

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Frame is well-finished - attention to detail in hinge areas provides a truly customizable fit

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Vision is remarkably clear - XYZ Optics technology maintains high visibility, even in poor weather conditions

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Does not include a case - fairly surprising for a $100+ pair of sunglasses

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Inner surfaces are very reflective - can distracting/bothersome on sunny days

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The Oakley Tightrope represents a series of stylish and high-definition men’s sunglasses available in a variety of styles and colors, including Standard and Polarized. It features a durable but lightweight C-5 alloy frame with UNOBTAINIUM stem sleeves that increase grip with perspiration. Plus the Three-Point Fit system eliminates the unbalanced pressure points found on conventional frames, thereby adding tremendously to the unit’s comfort factor. As for optics, the Oakley Tightrope combines a 8.75 base curvature with XYZ OPTICS technology for enhanced clarity and improved peripheral vision. And as well as meeting all ANSI Z87.1 standards & providing UV filtering, the unit can also protect against glares, assuming a polarized lens.

  • High-Definition Sunglasses
  • Durable Lightweight Alloy Frame
  • UNOBTAINIUM Stem Sleeves
  • Three-Point Fit System
  • 8.75 Case Curvature
  • ANSI Z87.1 Standards
  • UV Filtering
  • Impact Resistant
  • Anti-Smudge/Water
  • Optimized Peripheral Vision
  • Optional Glare Reduction
  • Prescription Lenses Compatible (+2 to –4)
  • Two Model Types
Model Variations
  • Oakley Tightrope OO4040-01 | Polished Black / Black Iridium
  • Oakley Tightrope OO4040-03 | Light / Ice Iridium
  • Oakley Tightrope OO4040-06 | Carbon / Tungsten Iridium
  • Oakley Tightrope Polarized OO4040-04 | Carbon / Bronze Polarized
  • Oakley Tightrope Polarized OO4040-05 | Dark / Ice Iridium Polarized
  • Oakley Tightrope Polarized OO4040-02 | Pewter / Black Iridium Polarized
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