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They are mid-range to high-end sports performance sunglasses suited for sports such as golf or mountain biking.

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look stylish and sleek, perfect for an active look

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lenses are scratch resistant and fairly shock resistant

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has a rugged construction, can handle being dropped without breaking

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good protection from UV rays

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covers most of your field of vision, no big gaps

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sit on your ears and nose comfortably, no pinching or pressure

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high price put them out of range for most people who just want some decent glasses

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Oakley Radar Pitch sunglasses are mid-range to high-end sports performance sunglasses suited for sports such as golf or mountain biking. Similar to Oakley Radar Paths, Radar Pitch sunglasses are a bit lower-end, offering fewer lens tint options and a slightly different frame construction/frame size and style. Otherwise, Radar Pitch sunglasses share the same Hydrophobic lens coating, comfortable Three-Point-Fit and quick lens switching design with the Radar Paths but for a lower price point.

Hydrophobic lens coating prevents sweat and water from building up in the Radar Pitch's lenses; it also repels skin oils, dust, dirt and other contaminates, ensuring that the Radar Pitch's lenses stay cleaner longer. Their Three-Point-Fit design ensures that Radar Pitch sunglasses are always comfortable and weightless because they only touch three places on the wearer's face: the nose bridge and the sides of their head. Additionally, the Radar Pitch's design allows for quick and easy lens switching, even with Oakley's prescription lenses, making them suitable for a variety of situations.


  • Three-Point Fit - touches only the bridge of the nose and the sides of the head
  • Unobtainium sleeves reduce slippage
  • Lightweight O Matter frame
  • Hydrophobic lens coating repels water, reduces smudging
  • Available with Oakley Prescription Lenses (+2.00 to -5.00 with cylinder up to -2.00)
  • Radar design allows for quick switching between lenses
  • Impact resistance that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact
Model Variations
  • Matte Black/Grey
  • Polished Aluminum/G20 Black Iridium
  • True Carbon Fiber/Black Iridium
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