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The NZXT Vulcan is a Micro-ATX case built for portability.

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Internal paint coating provides a sleek, consistent aesthetic for owners and viewers alike - maintains consistency and showcases attention to detail on the manufacturer's part

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Has the ability to fit a full-sized CPU cooling unit - provides sufficient temperature reduction without interfering with other internal components

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Orange LED highlighting is bold and vibrant - excellent option for users looking to create a "flashy" PC appearance

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Integrated handle is strong and sturdy - allows users to carry their computer with confidence when travelling for LAN events or other purposes

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Removable handle supports stack-based setups - ideal for users leaving their PC in one spot, working within a limited amount of space

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Unit appearance and durability may disappoint some users - appears durable in pictures but feels somewhat flimsy in person

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Included screws are of low quality - many users will opt to purchase their own "nut and bolt"-style fasteners to ensure reliability

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Small form factor is fairly limiting - even for a Micro ATX case, many users report "cramped" configurations

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The NZXT Vulcan is a Micro-ATX case built for portability. The lower profile case features a non-slip top handle, and the outer chassis features large durable steel mesh areas that allow airflow while protecting the computer. Anti-vibration rubber support reduces noise from the unit and keeps components secure. The case has a black finish, and uses orange LEDs as an accent color. Switches for the LEDs and fans allow for quick adjustments for night time use. While the size of the case is compact, extra space is set aside for cable management and a total of 6 bays are available. Cooling is handled by 5 fan ports, dual external watercooling cutouts, and dual top exhaust. The USB, E-SATA, External HD Audio and Mic ports are all mounted at the top for easy access.

  • Gaming mATX Chassis, black interior, orange LED
  • Fits 350 mm video cards
  • Non-slip finished top handle
  • Wire routing holes
  • Extruded side panel
  • Dual 8W channel fan control
  • Anti-vibration rubber support
  • Dual external watercooling cutouts
  • Top mounted USB, E SATA, External HD Audio + Mic
  • CPU heatsink cut-out, 170mm heatsink support
  • Extra large mesh holes
  • Removable Hard drive cage
  • Included thumbscrews for all drives
  • 6 Drive Bays: 4 external, 2 internal
  • Cooling: FRONT, 1 x 120mm (included), REAR, 1 x 92/80mm, TOP, 2 x 120mm ( 1 x Orange LED fan included ), SIDE, 1 x 200mm
  • Motherboards: MICRO-ATX, ITX
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