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The NZXT Lexa S is a custom Mid Tower built for extreme cooling capabilities.

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plenty of room inside for larger components

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thumb screws on both side panels give quick and easy access

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four large fans move a lot of air

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vibration dampening PSU mounts cuts down on noise as well as wear and tear

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fans run fairly quiet, doesn't sound like a jet engine

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access hole in the tray is ideal for installing cooling brackets

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front is high gloss, gets covered in fingerprints quickly

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clear side access panel feels a little flimsy when removing it

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The NZXT Lexa S is a custom Mid Tower built for extreme cooling capabilities. The design features a steel frame with a black finish inside and out, and a large smoked side panel to allow a view of the interior. Blue LEDs are visible on the front panel and in two of the four included fans, and an ambient light over the 5.25 drives provides visibility in darkened environments. The design uses a meshed front for increased airflow, and a covered 5.25 "stealth" bay to keep the look clean. Fan controls allow the number of active fans to be increased or decreased as needed to control noise, and additional cooling can be added through pre-drilled holes in the backplate supporting water cooling systems. The chassis is large enough to fit longer 10.5 inch cards, and wire routing with a turned HDD slot helps keep the wires tucked away for a cleaner look. 

  • Mid Tower, Steel Chassis, Black interior, Smoked clear side window
  • Support for 10.5 inch cards
  • 5 fan capability
  • Fan control
  • Night light
  • Meshed front panel
  • 5.25 Stealth bay
  • 11 Drive Bays: 4 external, 7 internal
  • Solid State bracket
  • Wire Routing
  • Turned HDD
  • Pre-drilled water cooling holes on the backplate
  • Mounting holes for dual radiator at the top
  • Side mounted USB, Audio, and E-SATA ports
  • Motherboards: ATX, MICRO-ATX, BABY AT
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 196 x 480 x 528 mm
  • Cooling: FRONT, 1 x 120 mm , 23db/42CFM (included), SIDE, 1 x 120 mm LED fan@1200RPM, 23db/42CFM (included), TOP, 2 x 140/120 mm (1 140 mm included), REAR, 1 x 120 mm, 23db/42CFM (included)
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