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The NVIDIA nForce 780 Chipset series enables Hybrid SLI for use of up to 3-4 combined GPUs working as one.

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Unit over-clocks very well - many users report pushing the chipset to more than 1.5x its advertised processing capabilities

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Runs multiple games and programs flawlessly when paired with a suitable operating system - application multitasking is smoothly and reliably achieved

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Instruction manual is thorough and easy to understand - enables confident installation amongst experienced and inexperienced users alike

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Hybrid Intel/AMD product availability significantly increases user base - allows users to incorporate the same common motherboard regardless of processor type

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Unit is well-built and easy to install - integrates smoothly within tower PC configurations

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Some units are seemingly prone to consistency issues depending on clock rate and operating system - several users report frequent "lock-up" problems and general stability inconsistency

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Some users report difficult locating the drives after loading an OS - components may be visible in BIOS, but hard to find when fully booted

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The NVIDIA nForce 780 Chipset series enables Hybrid SLI for use of up to 3-4 combined GPUs working as one. The chipset is shipped in two versions; 780a for compatibility with AMD processors, and 780i for compatibility with Intel processors. The chipset was released in December of 2007, but NVIDIA didn't begin any serious shipping amounts until January of 2008. Most of the motherboards that use the chipset were not introduced until mid/late 2008. The most common manufacturers currently using the 780 chipset include ASUS, MSI, XFX, eVGA, Foxconn and many others. The 780 also introduces the more widespread use of high-definition resolution and output of both video and audio. Many motherboards using the NVIDIA nForce 780 chipset include an onboard GeForce 8 series GPU as an added graphics performance benefit. 

  • CPU support for both Intel and AMD 32/64-bit processors (780a/780i)
  • Hybrid Sli support for tri/quad-SLI (3/4 GPUs)
  • Supports onboard video (Geforce 8 Series)
  • Supports HD video and audio output
  • Common manufacturers: ASUS, MSI, XFX, eVGA, Foxconn
  • Release Date: December, 2007
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