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The Nvidia GeForce GTS 160M is a low-end Graphics GPU designed specifically for mobile, and notebook computers.

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It is not low end at all, considering that it has a faster core clock than the GTX260m. It is nearly it's equivalent, providing performance between a 9800 and a 9800GTX. The 260m is a 9800GTX with a new name.

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For long battery life, this looks to be the highest-performance solution that won't drain your battery. Great match to Arrandale cpus when they come out.

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The Nvidia GeForce GTS 160M is a low-end Graphics GPU designed specifically for mobile, and notebook computers. Nvidia claims that the Nvidia GeForce GTS 160M "notebook GPUs are the highest performing notebook GPUs in the world, and offer up to 50% more performance than the previous generation". The GPU features a 1375MHz processor clock combined with a total of 1 GB GDDR3 onboard memory. The GeForce GTS 160M is PCI-express 2.0 enabled and features a max resolution of 2048 x 1536.

The GeForce GTS 160M offers real world gaming effects through the use of Nvidia PhysX technology which introduces real world physics and movement in today's next-gen games. Nvidia CUDA technology allows the GPU core to utilize its full potential. A great example of a powerful GPU process would be video transcoding; which Nvidia claims will gain more performance from the GTS 160M GPU. Additional GTS 160M offerings include full Blueray support through Nvidia PureVideo HD technology, and Nvidia HybridPower technology allows the GPU to switch between a hibernating and active state to conserve power.

  • Low end notebook Graphics GPU
  • Nvidia PhysX technology compatible
  • Nvidia CUDA technology; significant performance gains
  • Nvidia PureVideo HD technology
  • Nvidia HybridPower technology
  • Processor Cores: 64
  • Gigaflops: 288
  • Onboard Memory: 1 GB GDDR3
  • Processor Clock: 1500MHz
  • Memory Clock: up to 800 MHz
  • Memory Interface: 256-bit
  • Nvidia SLI Ready
  • Bus Support: PCI-E 2.0
  • Microsoft DirectX Version: 10
  • Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
  • Display Support:
    • HDMI
    • Single Link DVI
    • Dual Link DVI
    • VGA
    • LVDS
    • SPDIF (Audio)
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Jianni Grima
08/05/2009 08:45

This card is not low end at all, considering it provides nearly the same performance as the GTX260m. In fact, it has a higher clock speed and shader clock, whilst the memory speed is slightly less than the GTX260m. On the whole, they are nearly identical in performance.

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