The GeForce 9800 GX2 is a high-end product from Nvidia's 9th generation graphics card specification.

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The GeForce 9800 GX2 is a high-end product from Nvidia’s 9th generation graphics card specification. The 9800 GX2 is essentially two 8800 GT cards sold as one unit, offering comparable functionality to dual 8800 GT graphics cards in SLI formation but without the need for two PCI-E slots. However, the difference with the 9800 GX2 lies with the faster memory clock and processor cores. Stock versions of this card come with a 600MHz core clock, a 1500MHz stream processor clock and 512MB of 1000MHz DDR3 memory per GPU board. Both of the included graphical processors lie on their own boards, allowing for greater heat dissipation and better cooling compared to previous single board dual-GPU designs from Nvidia. This DirectX 10 card can be used in (quad) SLI configuration, and is compatible with Nvidia’s PhysX and CUDA technologies. This graphics card requires two power cables; one 6-pin and one 8-pin connected to at least a 580w power supply.

  • Core code: G92
  • Manufacturing process: 65nm
  • Core clock: 2 x 600MHz
  • Stream processor clock: 2 x 1500MHz
  • Memory clock: 2 x 512MB 1800MHz DDR3
  • Memory bandwidth: 2 x 256-bit
  • Stream processors: 2 x 128
  • Interface: PCI-E 2.0 x16
  • Power: 580w power supply with 1 x 6-pin & 1 x 8-pin molex connector
  • 2 x Dual-Link DVI out
  • SLI multi-GPU support
  • PhysX, CUDA, PureVideo and GeForce 3D vision compatible
  • HDCP output support
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