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The GeForce 9800 GT is a midrange product from Nvidia's 9th generation graphics card specification.

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can be pushed very hard and still not overheat

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only requires a 350w power supply, good energy efficiency

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great price for the performance, good value

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plays most games at full graphics with relatively good framerates

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fan doesn't make much noise even when at ful

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can overclock it, which has a significant impact on the performance

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not top of the line, will struggle a little bit with cutting-edge games

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heat sink takes up a fair amount of space, not very low-profile

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The GeForce 9800 GT is a midrange product from Nvidia’s 9th generation graphics card specification. The 9800 GT is essentially a rebranded 8800 GT, save for the new 55nm process used during its manufacture. The 55nm edition of this card means reduced operating temperatures and greater efficiency. Stock versions of this card come with a 600MHz core clock, a 1500MHz stream processor clock and 512MB of 1800MHz DDR3 memory. As with the 8800 GT, this version has 112 stream processors and a 256-bit memory bus capable of 57.6GB/s. The general consensus indicates that the 9800 GT can be overclocked more so than its predecessor, allowing for marginal performance gains. This DirectX 10 card can be used in SLI configuration, and is compatible with Nvidia’s PhysX and CUDA technologies. The GeForce 9800 GT requires a 400w power supply with two 6-pin molex power connectors, plus one free PCI-E 2.0 slot.

  • Core code: G92
  • Transistor count: 754 million
  • Manufacturing process: 55nm
  • Core clock: 600MHz
  • Stream processor clock: 1500MHz
  • Memory clock: 1800MHz DDR3
  • Memory bandwidth: 256-bit (57.6GB/s)
  • Stream processors: 112
  • Interface: PCI-E 2.0 x16
  • Power: 400w power supply with 2 x 6-pin molex connectors
  • 2 x Dual-Link DVI out
  • SLI multi-GPU support
  • PhysX, CUDA, PureVideo and GeForce 3D vision compatible
  • HDCP output support
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