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The NS7FX is an all-in-one professional disc jockey unit from Numark that combines the company's NS7 and NSFX products.

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compact design has a smaller footprint, can fit it in next to other equipment

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audio output is distortion-free and strong

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easy to use, all controls are intuitive and feel natural

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good for training a beginner into becoming a professional

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a lot of the lights aren't backlit, hard to find the right control in the dark sometimes

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some problems reported with Numark technical support

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weighs a lot, a bit of a pain to haul from one gig to another

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The NS7FX is an all-in-one professional disc jockey unit from Numark that combines the company's NS7 and NSFX products. Optimized for live performance with Serato's Itch DJ software, this product combines two motorized turntable platters and a 24-bit two-channel mixer with a multi-effects control strip for a fully functional mixing experience. Featuring an all metal design with an integrated laptop mount, the NS7FX is equipped with CP-PRO crossfader and D-TYPE line faders as well as a host of adjustable knobs and buttons. The unit melds analog and virtual technologies by providing a vinyl feel and aesthetic with added 33 and 45rpm speeds, while maximizing audio quality for top-of-the-line output that is geared for superior live mixing. Serato Scratch Live support allows users to port their entire Scratch Live library to the device, along with any preset cues, loops and automations. Crossfade reverse is supported along with manual and automatic beat-matching, executed via hard buttons and a zero-point LED strip for premium accuracy. Itch provides simplistic arrangement of effects processing, live looping and over equalization for comprehensive management over all components of a user's set, providing advanced recording and tempo-matching functions that allow DJs to prioritize their presence on the stage. The "Loop Roll" function allows a chosen section of a given track to be isolated and manipulated in terms of key, tempo, direction and effects, with a snap-back feature that will seamlessly integrate it with the rest of the song when temporary remixing is completed. The NFX strip is recognized in Itch along with the NS7 for visual confirmation of mixing actions, as well as LED macro levelling for ideal precision. The "Strip Search" function provides users with another aspect of analog DJing with a one-button start and stop feature that removes the need to begin and end a selection at its set parameters. Connection is achieved through a single USB jack for minimal setup time with full-detail manuals and posters included. Allen and Spindle wrenches are also included for initial configuration of the unit, which is compatible with the original NS7 road case for travelling. 

  • Combines NS7 unit and NSFX effects rack
  • Optimized for Serato Itch performance (software included)
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • CP-PRO adjustable crossfader
  • D-TYPE line faders
  • Compatible with Serato Scratch Live files
  • Direct-drive motorized turntable platters
  • 24-bit high-quality audio output
  • Extensive cue, loop and track control
  • Integrated laptop mount
  • 33rpm and 45rpm mix speeds
  • USB connectivity
  • Assembly tools included
Post Review
11/03/2010 03:02

I purchased my NS7 in March 2010 and in August the strip search on my unit started to malfunction. I called Numark support on 8/13/10 and sent it off. My NS7 returned to me on 9/9/2010. BUT when I open my box, I realized that my unit's platters had not been tightly secured, and had been flopping around while loosely threaded on the spindles.
While testing my returned unit, I noticed that, A: My platters now wobbled, did not feel the same, and my left deck made a squeaking noise when back spinning quickly. AND, B: The original problem with the strip search had not been repaired. So..
I called Numark and got a new Return Authorization and a promise from a manager that it would be back to me quickly, and that it would be tested before leaving this time.
It's now been almost 12 weeks since I originally sent off my unit and I'm losing patience. I can tell the phone techs are growing impatient too (its getting harder to get them on the phone). I've been told that my unit is repaired and it's in testing. Maybe I'm over reacting but it has been "in testing" at the factory for over 3 weeks. Now I'm wondering if my unit will be the same, and if not, what will happen then?
Probably more of the Numark service department telling me what I want to hear, and blowing me off.

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