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The NS7 is an all-in-one professional disc jockey unit from Numark that offers a step-down from the company's NS7FX model.

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easy to install and set up, plugs in as you'd expect it to

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mechanisms make almost no noise at all

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reliable operation, will last for years even with regular use

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fast response, reacts to the controls almost instantly

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doesn't take very long to get used to it and learn how to use all the functions

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doesn't include any FX by default, need to buy add-ons

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no Sample Dropping with the hardware or software

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The NS7 is an all-in-one professional disc jockey unit from Numark that offers a step-down from the company's NS7FX model. Comprising two motorized turntable platters with a comprehensive two-channel mixer, this model is optimized for use with Serato's Itch DJ software for maximum live mixing capabilities. A wide array of pre-mapped interactive faders, knobs, and buttons are included that allow the user to remain completely separated from his or her laptop, increasing live performance value. A replaceable CP-PRO crossfader is included along with D-TYPE line faders for high-precision mixing with customizable reverse fading capabilities. Visual LED levelling further promotes focus on the NS7, with additional zero-point lighting for safe and secure beat matching operation. Serato Scratch library and feature support includes manual and automatic looping modes, with beat-matching operations that include tempo doubling and halving as well as shift and other manual controls. Cue points and presets can be arranged prior to a given performance, with the "Strip Search" feature providing a virtual needle-drop that emulates analog turntables. An integrated laptop mount is provided that makes the NS7 a truly one-piece unit, with an all-metal reinforced construction maximizing durability for travelling performers. 

  • Includes Serato Itch DJ software
  • Serato Scratch Live support
  • All-in-one dual design
  • Dedicated cue, loop and track controls
  • Two 7-inch turntable platters
  • Rubberized knobs and buttons
  • LED levelling¬†
  • Strip Search virtual needle drop
  • 33rpm and 45rpm playback speeds
  • MIDI-mappable
  • Over 100 hands-on controls
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