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This model is fitted with a touch-sensitive ring-lighted turntable platter for realistic control and scratch functions.

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doesn't degrade audio quality, everything is processed in high fidelity

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firmware is easy to download and install

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looks stylish and professional next to other DJ equipment

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easy to use, easy to learn, intuitive layout and interface

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durably built, nothing is loose or shaky, good materials

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software setup to get it to operate as a controller is a bit tricky

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certain functions are unavailable until after a firmware update

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The NDX800 is a digital audio media player and controller from Numark that builds on the capabilities of the company's NDX200 and NDX400 models. Featuring a backlit LCD display for easy to read song and tempo information, this model is fitted with a touch-sensitive ring-lighted turntable platter for realistic control and scratch functions. Capable of playing back audio content from CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives and control software, the unit is equipped with a number of standard DJ features for live performance support. Automatic BPM analyzation determines the tempo of a given song before it is played, with "Tap Tempo" also available for manual interaction. On-the-go time stretching can be performed without worry of modulation through the device's "Key Lock" feature, with pitch adjustment and bending options separately available. Multiple playback modes can be selected to suit the nature of a given performance, with single-track, continuous and shuffle functions for standard-style DJing in addition to interactive programmable modes. On-board DSP effects such as flanger, echo, pan, filter, chop and phaser can be automatically beat-match to a given tempo and applied via a dry/wet parameter knobs, with cut and reverse functions provided for improvised rhythmic processing. Customizable looping and sampling can be performed without risk of latency or asymmetrical time fluctuation, providing live remix capabilities with full user confidence. When used in conjunction with a compatible software mixer, the NDX200 can utilize analog-style deck features such as "Fader Start" crossfade control and adjustable start and stop. Content loaded in from external sources is executed quickly and safely, providing further confidence for live performance liberty.  

  • USB-To-MIDI interface
  • Backlit LCD display
  • CD/MP3 support
  • Flash drive support
  • Beat-matchable DSP audio effects
  • Touch-sensitive deck¬†
  • Pitch adjust and bend
  • Adjustable start and stop functions
  • Key Lock for live tempo adjustment
  • Seamless live looping
  • Cut and Reverse functions
  • Multiple playback modes
  • Fader start capability
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