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The Numark NDX400 is a tabletop MP3/CD player built to facilitate DJ mixing.

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good scratching capabilities - feels natural

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quickly loads MP3 files - easy to navigate through tracks

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build quality - sturdy construction; built to last

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won't skip - can withstand lots of vibration - great for loud clubs

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easy to learn - a great way to transition from vinyl to digital

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only works with 'finalized' CDs - not suitable for use with some recordables

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does not read MP3 meta data - just reads the file name

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poor beat detection - the BPM is generally off by 10-12BPM

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The Numark NDX400 is a tabletop MP3/CD player built to facilitate DJ mixing. This is similar to the Numark NDX200, but has additional features such as USB input for thumb drives of MP3s, reverse mode for unique effects, and scratch wheel performance on the large jog wheel. Three hot cues can be set at specific points throughout the tracks, allowing for quick returns to key points. Other more advanced features include a Master Tempo button that preserves the original key while the pitch is altered, and an adjustable braking effect for a vinyl-style stop. Anti-Shock continues to be used to prevent skipping when external vibrations reach the player. The text display allows folders on MP3 CDs and USB thumb drives to be navigated quickly and easily.

  • Tabletop, slot-loading MP3/CD player
  • CD, CD-R, and MP3 CD compatible
  • USB input, compatible with flash drives
  • Reverse mode for special effects
  • Three hot cues
  • Large scratch wheel
  • Master Tempo button
  • Anti-Shock
  • Seamless looping for creating and integrating loops
  • Text display for navigating folders
  • Braking for vinyl-style stop
  • Audio cable (RCA, stereo), Power cable, Quick start guide included
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02/18/2011 06:04

which one is the best cd dj turntable if i want a lot f scratching stuff?

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