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The Numark MP102 is a single disc CD player built for permanent rack mounting.

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reliable operation, works consistently every time and can be depended on

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excellent value for the price, high enough quality that you'd expect to pay a lot more

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LCD is easy to read in any light

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control layout is perfect for when you have to move quickly, easy to work with

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pitch/tempo control is handy, allows you to beat match manually

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very low distortion in the output signal

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missing more advanced functions such as beat matching, multiple decks

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The Numark MP102 is a single disc CD player built for permanent rack mounting. A number of features are included for professional DJs, including the ability to create seamless loops from both audio CDs and MP3 discs. Some features found in more advanced CD players, such as beat detection, are missing here however. Buffered Anti-Shock reads ahead in the track to allow for bumps without having the track skip. Buffering is also used to create instant starting of a track, and stutter start is also available with settable stutter points. Pitch bending is handled through the jog wheel, allowing on-the-fly adjustments for beat matching. Continuous playback is supported, and track sequences can be programmed ahead of time for automated play. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs are made available for compatibility with a wide variety of setups, and digital ouput (SPDIF) is made available when a high definition signal is required.

  • Standard audio CDs and MP3 CDs
  • Buffered Anti-Shock memory protection
  • Seamless loops – both CDs and MP3 discs
  • Buffered instant start
  • Stutter start with settable stutter points
  • Backlit LCD
  • ± 8/16% pitch bend
  • Pitch bend / jog wheel
  • Continuous playback, track sequence programming
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs, digital ouput (SPDIF)
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