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The MIXTRACK is a digital disc jockey controller from Numark that functions as an all-in-one live performance tool.

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Good all-around beginner kit for the price

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Lightweight and portable, good for bringing to parties/small shows

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Jog wheels and other controls are responsive and have a good feel

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Customizable control mapping with software

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Good playback with included software

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Requires a sound card (may have to be purchased additionally) and this may increase the overall price

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Faders can get wobbly with use, may need to be replaced

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Scratches sound somewhat computerized

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The MIXTRACK is a digital disc jockey controller from Numark that functions as an all-in-one live performance tool. Combining two touch-sensitive digital turntable platters with a two-channel mixer in the center, this unit is aimed at modern DJs who perform live remixes with the aid of a digital audio workstation. Native Instruments' Traktor LE software is included, with pre-mapped controls enabling plug-and-play functionality via USB. Four primary play modes are available to suit the nature of a live performance, from less interactive playback modes to fully interactive remix modes. Standard mixing feature such as crossfading and line fading are included with visual support on the software, as well as a three-band equalizer per channel for attaining the right mix of low, medium and high frequencies. In addition to dedicated "Pitch Bend" buttons and preset "EQ Kill" features, the MIXTRACK is equipped with filter, delay, reverb and flanger effects with real-time adjustment available via parameter knobs. "Beatgrid Editing" provides safe and experimental live looping capabilities with one-touch button interaction half-time, double-time and one-bar playback, with lighted controls contributing to the live experience and keeping the DJ separated from his or her laptop. All major audio formats are supported, and the device can be MIDI-mapped to work with most other DAWs if Traktor is not preferred. 

  • MIDI-Over-USB control
  • All in one dual-deck/mixer combo
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Includes Native Instruments Traktor LE software
  • Supports all major media formats
  • Backlit controls
  • Touch-sensitive decks for scratching and control
  • Beatgrid editing mode
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