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This product prioritizes mix interaction between "Fusion Live" software and the dedicated content controller.

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doesn't distort the audio or loose any of the detail

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easy to work with, everything is quick to do and doesn't take a lot of work

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can handle transitioning automatically to let you take care of something else when you need to

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professional level capabilities to manage peaks

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knobs are easy to work with and adjust as you go

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setting up a live loop is an intuitive and seamless process

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allows you to build a complete show, including all transitions and effects

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The MixMeister Control is a digital audio workstation and dedicated MIDI controller from Numark that provide an all-in-one music production experience. Primarily intended for disc jockeys looking to escape the standard turntable/mixer setup, this product prioritizes mix interaction between "Fusion Live" software and the dedicated content controller. With typical main-focus DJ features like cueing, beat-matching and key modulating taking on an automated role, live looping and remixing can take on of a centric role within a user's set. 40 macro knobs are included for on-the-go parameter adjustment, with 53 buttons used to navigate channels as well as tone and effect banks. Song and track navigation are carried out through the included jog wheel, which is encircled by a light ring and spaced bumps for quick and easy control. Live tempo, volume and equalization can be manipulated in a number of ways for safe yet spontaneous output, with users being able to preview the outcome of a given application before triggering it. The Control software includes full multi-track recording capability to MIDI so that a DJ can edit his or her mix after a performance, moving into further mixing and mastering is they so desire. Set recording can be viewed in real time with the advanced timeline view, enabling a user to plan ahead and confirm that future song transitions are exactly where they want them to be. In addition to the hardware device functioning as an all-in-one unit, the controller is bus-powered via a single USB connection that is ready for performance immediately after being plugged in. 

  • MIDI controller with 94 hands-on controls
  • Plug-and-play USB connection
  • Included DAW software MixMeister Fusion Live
  • Automatic beat-matching
  • Live looping and remixing
  • Time-lined set arranging
  • Non-modulating tempo adjustment
  • Automated transitioning for DJs
  • Live previewing


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