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The Numark KMX02 is a karaoke machine built for professional DJs.

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output is clean and undistorted, doesn't lose anything from the inputs during processing

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mixing from one CD to another is seamless, great fader action

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easy to work with on the fly, everything is accessible and well laid out

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design is fairly logical, only takes a few minutes to learn the system

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plenty of functions and effects to satisfy professional DJs

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doesn't have a lot of power, will need an external amp of some kind

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no effects on the DJ line, makes it a little tricky to work with sometimes

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no dedicated case for it is available, need to watch the knobs and faders during transport

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The Numark KMX02 is a karaoke machine built for professional DJs. Advanced features are included, such as Key Changing that alters the pitch without changing the tempo and Beat matching with a two-level pitch control. This unit is a dual CD player that allows for smooth crossfading, and composite video outputs tied to the crossfader can automatically transition the video with the audio. Both CDs and CD+G discs are compatible. For ease of use, a Fader Start function is included that starts playback when the crossfader is moved. There are a total of 3 microphone inputs, each with its own tone and echo controls for mixing vocal styles. Switchable phono/line inputs allow further integration with turntables and other CD players, creating possibilities for future expansion.

  • Dual CD player with DJ mixer
  • Play CDs and CD+G discs
  • 3 mic inputs
  • Tone and echo controls
  • Switchable phono/line-level RCA inputs
  • Key Change knob
  • Composite video outputs tied to the crossfader
  • Beat match with ±8 and 16% pitch control
  • Single, continuous, and programmable playback
  • Fader Start
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