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The Numark iBATTLEPACK is a direct-drive turntable pack for performing with vinyl, iPod, iPhone, and other media.

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Allows you to record mixes directly to an iPod via its iPod dock.

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Tuntables feel solid and comfortable.

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Travel friendly--lightweight and portable enough for live gigs.

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Output and headphone jack have separate volume controls.

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comes with all needed hardware and accessories

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Great choice for beginners--comes with everything you need to get started for an affordable price.

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Included headphones are of good quality, work well for DJ use.

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Solid build--made of thick, durable plastic.

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Mixer is a little too basic for more serious use.

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 The Numark iBATTLEPACK is a direct-drive turntable pack for performing with vinyl, iPod, iPhone, and other media. It features iM1, the world's first DJ mixer that can record your mix directly to an iPod. This means that you can perform with tracks from your iPod, and also connect optional gear like CD players, microphones, and the included headphones. The two TT1625 DJ turntables are pitch-adjustable, have aluminum platters, and performance controls. These 2 direct-drive turntables offer professional feel and performance. The iM1 two-channel mixer also has rugged, reliable faders, and a replaceable crossfader, not to mention a built-in dock for all iPhone and iPod models. The HF125 DJ headphones also provide a clear sound for use on stage or at home. The Numark iBATTLEPACK comes with slipmats, cartridges, and connection cables. This performance pack has turntables that feature +/- 10 pitch control, 33/45 RPM speeds, and dual start/stop buttons.

  • Two TT165 Direct-Drive Turntables
  • Performs with Vinyl, iPod, iPhone, and More
  • iM1 Mixer with Built-In iPod Dock
  • 1st Mixer That Records Mix to iPod
  • HF125 DJ Heaphones for Clean, Clear Sound
  • Pitch-Adjustable Turntables with Aluminum Platters and Performance Controls
  • Connect Optional Gear like CD Players, Mics, and Headphones
  • Comes with Slipmats, Cartridges, and Connection Cables
  • Rugged, Reliable Faders
  • Replaceable Crossfader
  • Turntable has +/- 10 Pitch Control, 33/45 RPM Speeds
  • Dual Start/Stop Buttons
Post Review
09/18/2011 02:21

dose anybody know if i can hook up a serato S.L sound card to the mixer that comes with the battle pack?



12/10/2012 05:53

yea you shouldnt have a problem hooking up Serato with it , your still hooking it up to the phono an line inputs in the back of the mixer

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