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The Numark DDS is a digital audio track selector and player built to work without the use of external software.

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plenty of professional features such as Key Lock, helps you make a perfect mix

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saves a lot of effort carrying large volumes of CDs

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no latency issues, makes beatmixing and looping sound great

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consistent operation time after time, can always depend on the performance

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audio output is clean and distortion-free enough for professional shows

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simple to operate, layout makes everything accessible right away

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first time you load a large device into the library it can take awhile - fast after that

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works off of the hard drive ONLY, not designed to work with external audio live

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The Numark DDS is a digital audio track selector and player built to work without the use of external software. The design follows the traditional dual-deck interface, allowing individual tracks to be cued up and mixed using a large color display for navigation. 3 USB ports connect to the digital media, and are compatible with iPods, thumb drives, external hard drives, and CD or DVD players. Mixing can be done from two separate devices or with two tracks from the same iPod. Scratching works with MP3, WAV, and AAC files as well as CD audio, and Key Lock can be used to play with tempo and key independently. Beatkeeper technology manages beat detection, allowing for perfect beat mixing, seamless looping and stuttering effects. An included USB keyboard allows quick searching for individual tracks.

  • Dual-deck interface in rack-mount configuration
  • Color display
  • Crate system for music management
  • Play from two devices simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod
  • 3 USB ports
  • Compatible with iPods, CD/DVD, thumb, and hard drives
  • Scratch MP3, WAV, AAC (unprotected) files, and CD audio
  • Rip music from CD to hard drive
  • Massive pitch-control range: -100% – +25%
  • Key Lock for independent manipulation of tempo and key
  • Beatkeeper technology
  • Seamless looping and stuttering
  • Text search with letter-pick scrolling
  • USB keyboard, RCA audio cables, power supply, thumb drive included
  • USB inputs expandable using standard USB hub (not included)
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