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The Numark CDN88 MP3 is a higher end dual-deck CD player built for professional DJs.

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good enough for professionals but cheap enough for home use

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controls are simple and easy to learn

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visual beatkeeper is very useful, great response

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audio output is clear and loud, good detail even in compressed MP3s

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doesn't skip even when someone bumps the rack

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very cool looking deck, nice colors and attractive design

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some quality control issues, need to thoroughly check the unit's functions right away

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Beatkeeper is not as accurate or effective as the original non-mp3 "legacy" CDN88

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The Numark CDN88 MP3 is a higher end dual-deck CD player built for professional DJs. It features a rack-mount design for permanent installation and a wide variety of digital effects. The player handles regular CDs and CD-Rs as well as MP3 CDs, and dedicates a two-line text display for showing MP3 tags. Jog wheels enable real-time scratching, and a key lock allows for shifting tempo without changing pitch in order to get a precise beat match. Beat matching can be automated with an Interlock system, and the Beatkeeper system visually represents the beat for quick reference. A total of 12 DSP effects are all directly accessible, and 4 pitch-control ranges allow for quick and precise pitch adjustments. Up to 3000 cue points can be saved to memory for long automated play with crossfading, and a 48-second Anti-Shock prevents skips.

  • Dual-deck, rack-mount CD player
  • Plays CD, CD-R, and MP3 CDs
  • Real-time scratching
  • Two complete seamless loops with three hot-stutter starts
  • Two-line text display
  • ±100% Key Lock
  • Interlock automatic beat matching
  • Beatkeeper for visual beat-matching assistance
  • Twelve DSP effects with direct access including reverse
  • ±6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch-control ranges
  • Save up to 3,000 cue points in memory
  • 48-second Anti-Shock
  • Two control cables, Two stereo cables (RCA), Two fader start cables included
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