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The Numark CDN25+G is a middle end piece of DJ equipment.

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Rack-mountability is a great addition for advanced DJ/mixing applications - can be easily installed and removed

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Plays nearly all forms of karaoke discs - less discriminating than high-end units more than 5x the price (Cavs, EV, etc.)

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Full compatibility with CD-R/CD-RW discs - greatly increases playback options

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Impressive feature set for the price point - ergonomic pitch/search wheels are a major selling point

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Separate video outputs (one for each deck) may complicate signal routing - users should not rely on unit capability for visual components

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LCD display flickers each time a button is pressed - may annoy users, especially DJs who are frequently jogging and beat-matching

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Build quality is disappointing - many users report intermittent signals, LCD malfunction and small part breakage

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The Numark CDN25+G is a middle end piece of DJ equipment. It is designed for DJs to use during performances. It features RCA video output, and a sleep mode. The inclusion of RCA video output allows a DJ to display karaoke lyrics on a video display. This adds an entire new layer to their performance, and is sure to increase audience satisfaction. The sleep mode of the CDN25+G is a preservation feature. When not in use, if the machine is placed in sleep mode, the laser turns off. This allows the laser to last longer without breaking or malfunctioning, allowing a DJ with the CDN25+G to use it for many, many years. When compared to another piece of DJ equipment by Numark, the CDN25, the CDN25+G has some advantages, such as RCA video output.

  • RCA video output
  • Sleep mode
  • Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs
  • Rack mountable
  • Rubber buttons
  • Pitch wheel
  • Search wheel
  • Auto cue
  • Digital output
  • Can use PAL or NTSC video signals
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