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The Numark CDN25 is a middle end piece of DJ equipment.

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installation is quick and easy, takes a minute or two to mount on the rack and plug in

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audio output is clean and clear, no loss of signal or distortion

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versatile design fits in well with other equipment, works for Karaoke and other applications

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user friendly controls, all well labelled and easy to work with when the lighting isn't always the greatest

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controls are simple enough that a guest DJ can just start using them without needing instruction

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built with durable, heavy-duty components that last a long time and don't need to be treated delicately

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rubber buttons don't look like much, lacks a professional look

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just a fraction of a second delay from "instant start", makes mixing a little tricky

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The Numark CDN25 is a middle end piece of DJ equipment. It is designed for DJs to use during performances. It features compatibility with CD-Rs, and a search wheel. The CDN25 is capable of playing CD-Rs, allowing it to play custom made burned CDs. This enables a user to create any kind of CD they like, and use it to create new and innovative dance beats. The CDN25 also features a search wheel, that makes going through songs a more intuitive process than using buttons. The search wheel has a finger grip to ensure comfort and to make it easier to control. When compared to another piece of DJ equipment by Numark, the CDN22 MK5, the CDN25 has some minor advantages, including the search wheel.

  • Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs
  • Search wheel
  • Pitch wheel
  • All rubber buttons
  • Digital output
  • Power switch protector
  • Sleep mode
  • Dual CD drives
  • Rack mountable
  • Steel construction
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