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The Numark CDN22 MK5 is a middle-end piece of DJ equipment.

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pitch control works well, perfect for beat matching and adjusting to a vocalists' range

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simple enough for completely non-technical people to learn to use

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attractive bezel and design, looks clean and professional

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light weight and durable, ideal for transport to venues

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works well with cue points, easy to get back to them

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CD doesn't auto-play when inserted, can be set to play a single track - saves a lot of performance errors

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mounts in a standard rack easily, well designed bracket built-in

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can't just put it on a table, needs to be rack-mounted by design

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The Numark CDN22 MK5 is a middle-end piece of DJ equipment. It is designed for DJs to use during performances. It features a two piece design, and multifunction jog/shuffle wheels. The two piece design of the CDN22 MK5 allows a DJ to mount the control or drive units either together of separately, depending on their preference. This allows for different setups, which can help save on space at times. The CDN22 MK5 also uses multifunction jog and shuffle wheels. The shuffle wheel is used to dial points in a track, while the jog wheel is used to control pitch bend. These wheels are responsive, and will enhance the quality of a DJs performance. When compared to another piece of DJ equipment from Numark, the CD DJ IN A BOX, the CDN22 MK5 seems to share many of the same features, including having two CD drives, and being able to play both CDs and CD-Rs.

  • Two piece design
  • Multifunction jog wheel
  • Multifunction shuffle wheel
  • Two CD drives
  • Can play CDs and CD-Rs
  • Programmable CD and CD-R playback
  • All metal build
  • Analog RCA output
  • Digital S/PDIF output
  • Fader start
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