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The Numark CD DJ IN A BOX is a high-end DJ system.

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able to take input from traditional turntables through standard Phono inputs

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audio output is clean and clear, no distortion from the system

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compact and light enough to carry from one venue to another without a problem

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no scratching capability built in

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the owner's manual is very basic with no real instruction

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can't back-track into the previous track

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can't work with MP3 discs, no USB input

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The Numark CD DJ IN A BOX is a high-end DJ system. It is designed for DJs to use to create beats. It features two CD players, and the ability to use both CDs and CD-Rs. The two CD players of the CD DJ IN BOX allow a DJ to use more than one CD at a time. They can create new and interesting beats using this, and it makes switching CDs far more simple. The CD DJ IN A BOX is also compatible with both CDs and CD-Rs. This gives a DJ many options in what they can play. The DJ can choose to use actual purchased CDs, or can also choose to use custom CD-Rs thatĀ  the DK burned themself. The DJ can also use both CDs and CD-R's at the same time. When compared to another piece of DJ equipment fromĀ  Numark, the Numark AXIS 9, the CD DJ IN A BOX has many superior features, including the ability to use two CDs at once, and two input channels.

  • Two CD players
  • Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs
  • Anti-Shock protection
  • Two input channels
  • Two channel mixer
  • Programmable playback
  • Seamless looping
  • Jog wheels
  • Includes headphones
  • Smooth faders
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