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The Numark AXIS 4 is a low-end tabletop CD player.

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strong protection against people bumping the table, never skips

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bright red LED at the CD well to make changing discs in the dark easier

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easy to work with the controls during a live gig, nice layout

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loops are seamless and easy to create on the fly

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simple design, takes no time to learn how to use it

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sound quality is good, don't notice any real loss

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sometimes you'll nudge the wheel inadvertently when reaching for a button

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The Numark AXIS 4 is a low-end tabletop CD player. It is designed to be used by DJs in order to arrange beats. It features anti-shock protection, and a tap BPM counter. The Numark AXIS 4 has anti-shock protection built-in, which prevents skipping on the CDs. As the name suggests, the protection prevents the negative affects of shock (for example, the table the CD player is on shaking) which is a great help to any up and coming DJ. The tap BPM counter helps simplify the process of beat mixing. This counter can help a DJ pace themselves, so they can make high quality music that anyone could enjoy listening and dancing to. When compared to another Numark tabletop CD player, the AXIS 9, the AXIS 4 has several disadvantages, mainly having far less features.

  • Anti-Shock protection
  • Tap BPM counter
  • Two loop points
  • Three stutter starts
  • Fader start
  • Laser shutoff mode
  • Auto-retractable media trays
  • Sleep mode
  • Digital output
  • Programmable track sequence
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