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The Numark X6 is a two-channel DJ mixer with effects and beat matching tools.

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setup is all obvious, everything plugs in where it seems logical

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sound output is high quality, no loss of signal noticeable from the source

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compact design, fits itself in between your other equipment without eating up rack space

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kill switches are high quality, don't pop or snap when you hit them

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fader control is smooth and predictable, no sudden drop-offs

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good variety of inputs and outputs, makes for a versatile setup

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knobs and buttons are all durable, can handle lots of use

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The Numark X6 is a two-channel DJ mixer with effects and beat matching tools. While this is a digital mixer that uses Alesis technology to faithfully pass through audio distortion-free, inputs include RCA and Mic jacks only with no USB. BEAT SYNC effects range from Echo to Vocoder, and either automatically sync to the beat or to your tap input. Each channel has a line input and a secondary input that can be switched between phono and line input modes. Three-band EQ and push-button kills are set aside for each channel. The Mic input has a line input as well, and its own gain, EQ, and mute controls. TheĀ D-Type digital crossfader can be reversed, and the slope controls allow for fine tuning to suit individual styles. Cueing is handled by a mini-crossfader and a 1/4 in headphone output.

  • Two-channel digital, tabletop mixer
  • 24-bit digital mixing
  • Alesis technology
  • Digital effects interface
  • 12 BEAT SYNC effects with wet/dry control
  • Vocoder, Tape Echo, Echo, Flanger, Phaser, Filter, two type of Reverbs, and more
  • Inputs: two phono/line switchable (RCA), three line (RCA), mic (1/4 in)
  • Outputs: Balanced (1/4 in), Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Headphone (1/4 in stereo)
  • D-Type digital crossfader with reverse and continuously adjustable slope control
  • Microphone channel with gain, EQ, on/off switch, and aux input
  • Three-band rotary EQ
  • Three-band push-button Kills
  • Mini-crossfader cueing
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