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The Numark iCDMIX3 is a combination dual-CD player and mixer with an iPod dock.

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design is easy to work with, everything is laid out with fast interaction in mind

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good range of features, covers a lot of functionality

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build quality and overall construction is sturdy and durable

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Extremeley quick start button response

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slow to put a song into the queue

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prone to electronics failures within the first couple of years

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skipping tracks is a little slow

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iPod doesn't charge while it is docked

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The Numark iCDMIX3 is a combination dual-CD player and mixer with an iPod dock. This is similar to the Numark iCDMIX2, but also supports MP3-CD playback and has a redesigned high-contrast VFD display for improved visibility in a variety of lighting environments. Otherwise they are the same, with a compact design and metal chassis for portable durability. The Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection prevents breaks in the music from accidental bumps, and a multifunction wheel allows for search and pitch bending. Seamless loops can be created from both decks, and tracks can be programmed for continuous playback. The three-channel mixer is accompanied by additional iPod and mic channels, and the crossfader is replaceable if it wears out. Additional inputs are available for external devices, allowing the use of additional CD players or turntables.

  • Dual CD player with 3-channel mixer
  • Compact design
  • Plays CD, CD-R, and MP3-CD discs
  • iPod dock
  • Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection
  • High-contrast VFD display
  • Metal chassis
  • Multifunction jog/shuttle wheels
  • Seamless loops on both decks
  • Beat match with ±16% pitch control
  • Single, continuous, and programmable playback
  • Fader Start
  • Three-channel mixer with additional iPod and mic channels, 
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • PFL cueing
  • 2 RCA inputs that toggle from phono to line
  • 1 AUX input, 2 Mic inputs
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