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The Numark iCDMIX2 is a dual CD player with 3-channel mixer and iPod dock.

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transformer is built in, don't need to account for a large external brick on the power cord

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XLR input for a microphone works perfectly, great clarity

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even after getting used to the controls the control layout is awkward

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minimal support material available, manual is a 3 page quick start guide

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changing from one track to another with the "track knob" is very difficult

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doesn't generally charge any attached iPods

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takes some time to learn the system

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knobs tend to wear out quickly with regular use

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The Numark iCDMIX2 is a dual CD player with 3-channel mixer and iPod dock. A compact design is used to maximize portability, and a metal chassis improves durability. Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection guards against bumps interrupting CD playback, and two jog/shuttle wheels allow for quick searching and pitch bending. Seamless loops can be created on both decks, and beat matching with pitch control is enabled. Tracks can be programmed for continuous playback, and a fader start function automatically starts playback as soon as the crossfader is moved. Mixing is done between three channels, as well as a separate iPod channel and mic channels. External phono and line inputs are also available for additional turntables or CD players if needed.

  • Dual CD player with 3-channel mixer
  • Compact design
  • iPod dock
  • Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection
  • Metal chassis
  • Multifunction jog/shuttle wheels
  • Seamless loops on both decks
  • Beat match with ±4, 8, and 16% pitch control
  • Single, continuous, and programmable playback
  • Fader Start
  • Three-channel mixer with additional iPod and mic channels, 
  • Replaceable crossfader
  • PFL cueing
  • 2 RCA inputs that toggle from phono to line
  • 1 AUX input, 2 Mic inputs
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