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Designed to either be hooked up to speakers or patched into a PA system, the HDMIX doesn’t just provide mixing services.

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discovered by the connected PC/laptop right away

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selecting songs and assigning them to a deck is fairly quick

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LCD guides new users through all the basic functions, easy to learn

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copying files is a simple process, no software required

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setup is easy and logical, don't really need the manual

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saves on carrying around a large collection of vinyl and CDs

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slight pause between an adjustment at the wheel and a reaction at the music

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loading the music onto the unit initially takes a long time - not complicated, but time consuming

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jog wheel is really a scratch wheel, a little difficult to manage properly

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The Numark HDMIX is a dual-deck, three-channel portable DJ mixer designed for playing and mixing music from a variety of different sources. Designed to either be hooked up to speakers or patched into a PA system, the HDMIX doesn’t just provide mixing services; it also functions as a CD player, as a hard-drive media player (80GB), and as an iPod/USB mixing station. Featured is a full-color LCD screen that functions as the command system, in that you can set system preferences, browse music, switch input source, and create custom playlists. Critics especially hail the HDMIX’s size, in that though it weighs less than 20 lbs, it has the capacity to replace 2 decks, a mixer, and a laptop. However, it’s not recommended for DJs who enjoy including scratching or precise cuts into their sets.

  • All-in-One Mixer
  • Internal 80GB HDD (1TB Max)
  • Integrated CD/DVD Drive
  • Optional External USB Drive
  • Optional External Music Player
  • High-Definition LCD Screen
  • Three Input Channels w/EQ & Gain
  • Two Mic, Three Line, Two Phono Inputs
  • XLR Master & RCA Zone Outputs
  • MP3/WAV/AAC Compatibility
  • Wide Pitch Control (-100% to +25%)
  • Auto-Syncing Loops & Samples
  • Create Custom Playlists
  • Text Search
  • Key Lock
  • Keyboard
  • Not for Advanced Scratching
  • In Integrated Effects
  • Slow Load/Play Time
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