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The Numark DXMPRO is a two-channel digital scratch DJ mixer built for clear sound.

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Very comfortable to use--rubberized upper half of the face, brushed-steel bottom half.

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Produces a full, warm sound despite being a completely digital mixer.

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Curve controls and reverses are placed above the line faders, making them unobtrusive but easy to find.

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Easy to use, even for beginners due to its simple, uncluttered layout.

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High-quality faders--smooth and quiet with large, easy-grip knobs ideal for at-home mixing.

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Have to reset the reverses/cue/mic/aux settings every time the mixer gets restarted.

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Wider and chunkier than the average mixer with some sharp corners that are likely to wear down your carrying case.

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Larger fader knobs aren't ideal for live DJ use.

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The Numark DXMPRO is a two-channel digital scratch DJ mixer built for clear sound. This mixer uses 24-bit digital circuitry to keep the sound completely unchanged from input to output. Both analog and digital outputs are made available in the form of a 48kHz S/PDIF and an optical output. CP-PRO faders are used on both the crossfader and line fader for durability and to increase the lifespan of the mixer. The line faders can be reversed and slope can be adjusted to suit the user's preferences. The look-ahead limiter prevents clipping at a number of points, including the master, booth, and headphone outputs.

  • Interchangeable CP-PRO faders
  • 24-bit circuitry
  • Look-ahead peak limiters
  • Slope and reverse controls
  • Two phono/line switches with integrated Transform
  • Repositionable phono/line switches
  • Three-band EQ with kills
  • 2 phono, 3 line, and mic input with EQ
  • Master (1/4 in pair, balanced), Booth (RCA, pair), S/PDIF optical and coaxial digital outputs
  • Mini-crossfader cueing with headphone tone control
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