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The Numark CDMIX2 is a dual CD player and 2-channel mixer all in one.

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Very straightforward setup, requires only cabling to speakers and mic

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Simple and spacious layout and faders make this a good intro-to-DJing rig

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Very good sound quality output for this entry-level price range

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Reads CDs very quickly, barely any wait time to queue songs

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Compact, fact that it includes the disc players reduces the amount of hardware to carry

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Prone to disc read errors

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CD readers tend to automatically restart tracks if it runs into even a slight skip

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Loop function does not seamlessly stitch together loops

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Lacks a beat per minute counter, many competitors' products have this

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The Numark CDMIX2 is a dual CD player and 2-channel mixer all in one. This unit is similar to the Numark CDMIX1, but has been redesigned with brighter paneling and backlit displays to make everything easier to see. An anti-shock memory buffer has been added as well to account for more chaotic environments. The number of external inputs has also been expanded, now allowing 3 line, 2 mic, and 2 phono inputs. Tracks can be programmed to allow continuous play between CDs, and seamless looping is also available. The pitch wheel allows for scanning as well as pitch bending, and a fader start function starts the CD when the fader is moved. Outputs include a balanced master XLR, a raw RCA output, and a recording output.

  • Dual CD player and 2-channel mixer
  • Large backlit display
  • Fader start
  • Anti-Shock memory buffer
  • ±12% pitch control with pitch bend wheel
  • Seamless looping
  • Continuous play
  • Track programmable
  • 3 line, 2 mic, 2 phono inputs
  • Master XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced, record outputs
  • 12-segment LED output meters
  • Master EQ
  • Stereo/mono control
  • EQ on each channel
  • Optional road case
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Allan Murray
08/16/2013 06:27

The Numark CD Mix 2 along with all other Numarks products is complete and utter rubbish and best avoided at all costs...

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