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The Numark AVM02 is an audio/video mixer optimized for live performances.

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versatile functionality, has a wide variety of extras for unique effects

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general operation is easy, control layout makes it easy to make a quick adjustment as you go

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easy to set up, inputs and outputs are solid and provide good access

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built sturdy enough to take on tour, travels well

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compact design, can fit in a fair amount of other equipment around it

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whole system only takes a few minutes to figure out for experienced users

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unit has a tendency to lock up occasionally if used on a regular basis

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chroma keyer doesn't work with titleing, just slightly awkward

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The Numark AVM02 is an audio/video mixer optimized for live performances. The crossfaders for audio and video can operate in linked mode, coordinating the performance with a single slider control that can be set to a custom slope. Chroma Key (blue screen) and Luma Key (black screen) capability allows for superimposing images, increasing the possibilities for audience participation. A number of joystick–controlled fades and wipe patterns are available, and two full video effects sections are built in. Four separate video input channels are available and accept both composite and S-video. Audio controls include 7 stereo inputs and 2 mic inputs, with outputs running to S-video or composite ports. Additional video monitor outputs are also available if needed.

  • Separate, field-replaceable DJ crossfaders
  • Linked mode operation and slope control
  • 3-band EQ on each channel
  • Mixing options
  • Chroma Key (blue screen) and Luma Key (black screen)
  • Two video effects sections
  • Multiple simultaneous effects
  • Joystick control
  • 7 background color options provided
  • 4 video channels with 4 composite and 4 S-video inputs
  • 2 S-video, 2 composite, and 4 video monitor outputs
  • 7 stereo inputs and 2 microphone inputs with audio cueing section
  • Both 1/4 in and 1/8 in headphone outputs
  • Master balanced, unbalanced, and control booth outputs
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