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The North States Superyard Metal 3 in 1 is the perfect combination of portable play yard and safety barrier.

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The North States 3-in-1 Wood Superyard is a great playard or play area for your young toddlers or small pets, both indoors and outside. But this unit takes that versatility to a whole new level. This beautifully appointed unit includes one swinging walk-thru panel with a child proof double locking system for added safety. It can sit on carpet, tile, hardwood floors etc. Rubber pads prevent scratching. Need a gate enclosure or barrier, this unit includes wall mounted hardware that allows you to create small barriers around steps or stairs. It also allows you to extend out as a large extra-wide barrier.

The 3-in-1 Wood Superyard comes with six removable and adjustable panels and extends to 144" wide. Increase your six-panel 3-in-1 Wood Superyard from 10 square feet to 8 panels 19 square feet with the 2 panel extension kit which is sold separately as model 4941. Note, five of the six 3-in-1 Wood Superyard panels are constructed of wood.  The sixth panel or gate panel is constructed of wood except the metal frame which is painted the same color as the wood.  The metal frame of the gate insures solid rigidity and secure locking.

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  • Versatile, six-panel enclosure can act as a portable play yard, a gate or a barrier
  • As a play yard, it encloses up to 10 square feet and is 30 inches high
  • Can be hardware mounted as an extra-wide barrier in your home or a gate, blocking off fireplaces, displays, etc
  • Swing walk-thru panel is built with a child-proof double-locking system allowing easy access
  • 'Two-panel extension increases the play area up to 19 square feet (available separately). Unlimited extensions may be used.
  • Comes with a metal frame worked gate panel for rigidity and safe locking
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A Safe and Sturdy Indoor Play Yard

Whether you need a temporary play space for your children or small pets or a reliable barricade for potentially unsafe areas such as fireplaces and stairs, the Metal 3 in 1 Superyard is up to the task. This play yard's sturdy structure allows you to rely on it as a safe space for both infants and small pets, so you can multitask or relax while they play.

For added security, the play yard's one swinging walk-thru panel is built with a child-proof double-locking system. This proprietary safety feature allows you to easily enter and exit the play yard while keeping you assured that your little one can't escape without your assistance.

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Flexible Design Enables Multiple Uses

Unique for its sheer versatility, this play yard includes six metal panels that can be set up in a wide variety of configurations. Weighing 43 pounds, the structure is solid enough that it won't tip or lean and lightweight enough to be moved from room to room. Set it on carpet, tile, or even a hardwood floor -- it includes rubber pads to prevent scratching.

Capable as an enclosed gate or a barricade, its 30-inch high panels can be connected to create an ample 10 square feet of space, or they can be put together as a barrier using the included mounting hardware to extend the width up to 144 inches.

If you'd like to extend the gate's overall diameter, consider purchasing a two-panel extension kit (sold separately), which increases the play space to 19 square feet.

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Easy to Assemble and Adjust

Setting up the Metal 3 in 1 Superyard is hassle free. The six interlocking panels are pre-connected--simply pull the panels out of box, unfold and connect them together, and the Superyard is ready for use. To put away, simply disconnect one panel, fold together, and store. The Superyard is so easy you can set it up and take it down in under a minute. The hassle-free panels also give you quick and convenient access to your child or pet.

For example, if you want to reconfigure the panels to block off different areas at the same time, you can easily do so. Thanks to the flexibility of the Superyard's design, you can use a few panels to create an enclosure around the stove while dinner's cooking, then use another panel and the included wall-mounting hardware to create a small-scale barrier around a staircase.

To ensure 100% satisfaction with your purchase, all North States products come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defect.

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What's in the Box

  • North States Metal 3 in 1 Superyard with six metal panels
  • Hardware
  • Assembly instructions
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Ideal for

  • Who: Families, babysitters, and pet owners.
  • What: Providing a portable play area for babies, toddlers and small pets.
  • Where: The living room and the playroom.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the hardware metal or plastic?

    The hardware is plastic, but doesn't look like it. It 's very well-made.

  • How long is it?

    There are 6 sections that are about 26 inches wide, so extended it's about 13 feet.

  • Can I join 2 of these North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gates to make an extra large play area? Will I need to purchase additional extensions.

    You can put 2 of these together as Carolyn and some other reviewers have said, however Carolyn's math is quite a bit off. I went and figured it out myself. A hexagon with 2ft sides is a little over 10 square feet, as it says. Adding the 2 panel extension makes it an octagon, which would be slightly more than 19 square ft, also as stated. The difference is that combining 2 yards would have 12 panels and be a dodecagon, which would be about 44.8 square feet. You'd have to get 3 sets of extensions to equal the same area, since all the sides are 2ft in length.

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