The Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core is a high-end all-mountain ski.

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The Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core is a high-end all-mountain ski. Nordica promotes the HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core as being for expert skiers who want a ski with soft snow flexibility as well as a lively response. Nordica's i-Core technology consists of a lightweight but sturdy core that shaves 17% of the weight off of previous models. The XBi bindings of the HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core help you to control turns and make them more fluid. This ski's 84mm waist will also help you to handle your direction. The HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core's full twin shape consists of a curved tip and tail, a design that allows you to descend at high speeds. This ski differs from the higher cost HR-Pro Helldiver i-Core model in that the HR-Pro Helldiver i-Core has a five star expert skier rating instead of just four, and has a higher sidecut (132-90-118 as opposed to the HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core's 126-84-112) geared toward higher speed carving on fresh and packed snow. The HR-Pro Helldiver i-Core also has larger sizes. There is a multicolored graphic on the Nordica HR-Pro Jet Fuel i-Core all-mountain ski.

  • Size options
  • 126-84-112 sidecut
  • 17% less weight than previous models
  • XBi bindings
  • Multicolored graphic
  • i-Core technology
  • Twin tip
  • 4 star expert level rating
  • V Active shape
Size Options
  • 162cm. - 15 radius
  • 170cm. - 17 radius
  • 178cm. - 18 radius
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