The Nordica Hot Rod Igniter Ca is a mid-cost all-mountain ski.

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The Nordica Hot Rod Igniter Ca is a mid-cost all-mountain ski. This ski is geared toward expert skiers, and Nordica promotes the Hot Rod Igniter Ca as offering stability and high performance in all snow conditions. The partial sidewalls of this ski encourage energy transfer, which helps to improve handling. The Hot Rod Igniter Ca's full twin design consists of a curved tip and tail. This design helps you to reach high speeds, as well as ski backwards with control. The 76mm waist of this ski will help you to control things when you are going fast. This ski differs from the lower cost Hot Rod 74 (which has an Energy Frame construction with partial sidewalls) and Hot Rod Fuel (which features a Full Twin V Active construction) models in that it has a Full Twin V Active construction with partial sidewalls, so that it is a combination of these two models (offering a combination of speed and handling). However, this ski lacks the slightly higher cost Hot Rod Burner model's i-Core, which makes it a more lightweight (and so faster) ski, though it lacks the Hot Rod Igniter Ca's partial sidewalls. There are size options available for the Nordica Hot Rod Igniter Ca all-mountain ski.

  • XCT bindings
  • Size options
  • 123-76-107 sidecut
  • All-mountain design
  • Wood core
  • Carbon design
  • Model number: 0A002600 166
  • Expert level skiers
  • Binding sizes: 5-10
  • Full Twin V Active design
  • Multicolored graphic
Size Options
  • 154cm. - 12 radius
  • 162cm. - 13.5 radius
  • 170cm. - 15 radius
  • 178cm. - 17 radius
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