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The Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT is a race ski designed for high level carvers.

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Can be setup for GS or SL boots/turns

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Consistent speed across the entire surface facilitates carving during turns

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versatile performance handles a wide variety of conditions

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Skis flex well without losing stiffness, turns handle well but still rail

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Excellent turn handling on groomed snow

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MSRP is comparatively high - Nordica itself has skis with similar features for similar intended purposes at lower prices, as do competitors

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Dual steel layer reduces handling on bumps - this model is limited to smooth groomed slopes

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The Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT is a race ski designed for high level carvers. The XBi TC bindings help to give you more control over your movements, which is particularly helpful at high speeds. The 72mm waist of the Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT allows you to go at high speeds. This ski is designed with an eye-grabbing multicolored graphic. This ski differs from the lower cost Dobermann SL R WC and Dobermann GS R WC models in that it has a Full Twin design (which consists of a curved tip and tail that help with control), and reinforced titanium design (which helps the skis to be more responsive and durable). However, this ski lacks the higher cost Dobermann GS Pro and Dobermann SL Pro's thin waist (67mm.), which encourages ultra-fast speeds. There are size options available for the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT race ski.

  • Size options
  • Full twin design
  • Reinforced titanium design
  • XBi TV bindings
  • 72mm waist
  • Binding sizes: 5-14
  • Multicolored graphic
  • Race ski
Size Options
  • 154cm. - 122-72-105 sidecut, 12m radius
  • 162cm. - 122-72-105 sidecut, 13m radius
  • 170cm. - 124-72-107 sidecut, 14m radius
  • 178cm. - 124-72-107 sidecut, 15.5m radius
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