The Nordica Dobermann GS R WC is an upper mid-cost racing ski.

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The Nordica Dobermann GS R WC is an upper mid-cost racing ski. Nordica promotes the Dobermann GS R WC as built for stability and high speed, built and produced with the same construction and sidecut as their current World Cup GS ski. The titanium construction of this ski helps to make it responsive, which gives you control. The titanium construction also helps to make this ski durable. This ski is made with Nordica's Energy design, which means that it has sidewalls that help with energy transfer, and so help you with handling. The bottom of the Dobermann GS R WC is equipped with grip that helps you to navigate on hard packed surfaces. This model differs from the identically priced Dobermann SL R WC model in that it has larger sizes (176cm.-193cm. size range as opposed to the Dobermann SL R WC's 155cm.-170cm. size range). Both of these models lack the higher cost Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT model's Full Twin design (which consists of a curved tip and tail that help with control), and reinforced titanium design (which helps the skis to be more responsive and durable). There are size options available for the Nordica Dobermann GS R WC race ski.

  • Size options
  • Multicolored graphic
  • World Cup constructed
  • Titanium construction
  • Energy design
  • Sidewalls
  • Grip bottom
Size Options
  • 176cm. - 21 radius
  • 183cm. - 23 radius
  • 186cm. - 27 radius
  • 191cm. - 27 radius
  • 193cm. - 27 radius
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