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The Nordica Hot Rod 105 is a high-end ski boot.

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The Nordica Hot Rod 105 is a high-end ski boot. Like other models in the Hot Rod series, Nordica promotes this boot as having the ability to perform in all terrains (thanks to the combination of a frontside boot's performance and a side country boot's comfort and shock absorption). The Precision Fit FSE (Full Shock Eraser) Heat Ready liner of the Hot Rod 105 uses a gel design to conform to the curvatures your foot. With the Quick Set FSE spoiler and FSE wedge, the Precision Fit liner also helps to absorb the impact of landings. The Comfort fit footbed and fur lining of the Hot Rod 105 help to make your runs comfortable. You can get in and out of this boot quickly with the easy entry system. This boot is a step up from the lower cost Hot Rod 95 in that it has an Extra-Grip sole and the flex adjuster that allows you to change from a 95 to a 105 flex rating. There are size options available for the Nordica Hot Rod 105 ski boot.

  • 105-95 flex index (change w/ flex adjuster)
  • Bi-injected shell and cuff material
  • Adult cuff profile
  • Medium last width
  • Easy entry system
  • Extra-Grip sole
  • FSE wedge
  • PFP Precision Fit FSE Gel Heat Ready liner
  • Fur lining
  • Comfort fit footbed
  • 4 micro Sport Alu buckles
  • 2 servo-lock buckles
  • Quick Set FSE
  • 45mm velcro strap
  • Size options
Size Options
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  • 24.5
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